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Friday, 31 January 2020

Let’s Go! #135 – Let’s Smash Every Bone In Our Bodies

Dwayne's back in fighting form and ready to emulate the courageous kids of My Hero Academia by punching a villain so hard and so frequently so as to outrun being erased from existence. And returning with him are the thrills and intrigue of Babylon, with a similar vibe being evoked by the mind crimes of Pet, before getting his hands on some Eizouken and deciding which of the girls he relates to the most. Break a leg out there!

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Wednesday, 29 January 2020

SOTSM x Christmas Creeps: Klaus

Christmas may have only just come and gone scarcely a month ago but cartoons are for the whole year round! Niall and Dwayne had a cosy get-together with Joseph Wade to melt all over Sergio Pablos' paean to traditional animation about the world's worst postman birthing the myth of Santa Claus and inadvertently spreading kindness, compassion and goodwill to a world sorely in need of it. The irony of altruism arising only as a result of nakedly materialistic motivations is not lost on us while discussing this Netflix-backed venture, but if it leads to more opportunities to uplift the medium of animation like this then it's a feat of mental gymnastics we're willing to perform!

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Sunday, 26 January 2020

Let’s Go! #134 – Let’s Rescue A Princess

While Dwayne's life hangs in the balance from a tenacious Winter bug the rest of the Let's Go Gang clear their plates of 2019's leftovers before broaching 2020's first batch of fresh cartoons. Brian tries out a new mixer, Niall preplexedly synopsizes Precure episodes he watched before Christmas and we get our hands all over Eizouken!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Show #186: Treasure Island (1978/1987)

It's the advent of a newer, leaner and less meaner incarnation of Secret Of The Sailor Madness where we watch some great cartoons of past and present for the good of our collective sanity! And what better way to mark our latest voyage into the realms of animation that elevate the soul than this vibrant adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic of literature courtesy of ace director Osamu Dezaki and his crack creative crew. We talk pirate portrayals, drunken children, elusive ambition and the dangerously attractive Long John Silver. It's a strange tide of format experimentation, so come aboard and ride these waves with us why dontcha!

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Sunday, 12 January 2020

Let’s Go! #133 – Let’s Defeat Santa

The last vestiges of 2019's anime get a fond festive farewell before 2020's prospects make their way fully over the horizon. Santa sets out on a murder spree, Iruma joins a school club and lots of people get killed off at Christmas. New year, same old us!

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