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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Show #188: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

An entire civilisation hidden away from sight to ensure its survival in the face of oncoming calamity? Not to worry, we haven't turned into a current affairs show just yet; rather we're poring over the artifacts from this 2001 entry in Disney's oeuvre prior to the precipitous drop-off in support for their traditional animation wing, for which, in the eyes of more than a few folks, this shoulders some of the blame. Is that accusation warranted? Is there more to this film than some pretty stellar design work? Didn't we see that same nerdy linguist dude in Stargate? All of this will be expounded upon at greater than usual length, but looking at the news at time of posting it ain't like you got someplace else to be, so look forward to your new life with us under the sea!

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Monday, 16 March 2020

Let’s Go #142 – Let’s Sparkle

Who's that?! This new underworld idol Irumi-chan and her entourage look awful familiar... we're sure it has nothing to do with Iruma-kun and his pals being conspicuously absent at the same time. While we ponder that we'll relax with some Gold Tips Imperial tea in My Hero Academia, share some ghost stories with In/Spectre, field some meetings with prospective clients in Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken and indulge in some light psychic assassination in Pet before another encounter with the alluring CanCan in Super Shiro. This one goes out to all our fans!

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Sunday, 15 March 2020

Let’s Go! #141 – Let’s Smile

Things are tough out there, but let's turn that frown upside down with some anime analysis! You could be worse off like the denizens of Ebisu who can't help but laugh at their own misfortune in One Piece. Idol fever strikes in Iruma-kun, My Hero Academia puts on a rock concert, Super Shiro puts on the popcorn and the Eizouken premiere their latest work. It ain't half bad!

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Saturday, 14 March 2020

Let’s Go! #140 – Let’s Leap Through Time

International crises have stalled necessary podcast releases and we're all jammed up! If we had a time machine we'd go back and fix it dear listeners; maybe we can borrow Neko-musume's ticket on board the phantom train as she attempts to rewrite history and prevent a vampire apocalypse! Elsewhere the Mizusaki lays her feelings to the Eizouken, Iruma-kun receives an award for his efforts in the school festival and the slowcoaches in My Hero Academia are only just planning their own student events! Where does the time go?!

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