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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Show #188: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

An entire civilisation hidden away from sight to ensure its survival in the face of oncoming calamity? Not to worry, we haven't turned into a current affairs show just yet; rather we're poring over the artifacts from this 2001 entry in Disney's oeuvre prior to the precipitous drop-off in support for their traditional animation wing, for which, in the eyes of more than a few folks, this shoulders some of the blame. Is that accusation warranted? Is there more to this film than some pretty stellar design work? Didn't we see that same nerdy linguist dude in Stargate? All of this will be expounded upon at greater than usual length, but looking at the news at time of posting it ain't like you got someplace else to be, so look forward to your new life with us under the sea!

Listen up!

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