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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Let’s Go! #143 – #146: Let's Get A Grip On This Already

You've read the newspapers so let's not go into it okay? Not mentioned in there though was the fact we recorded a bunch of weekly anime podcasts over the last month which for one reason or another were a bit waylaid coming out of the edit suite. So here's a round-up of what we got and why it may interest you!

Let's Go #143 featured the prompt departure of Welcome To Demon School Iruma-kun, wrapping up a wonderful surprise of a series and leaving us on a dramatic cliffhanger as Iruma's latent darkness manifests in a most terrifying form: A SARCASTIC TEENAGER.

Let's Go #144 played host to many happy returns; not just of Gegege No Kitaro and Detective Conan, but also our laid-back old pal ACCA: 13 Territory Inspection Department, back for a one-off OVA instalment in the land of etiquette, espionage and delicious baked goods.

Let's Go #145 marked the climax of Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, the anime about making anime but more importantly about the memories & friendships you make with it. Lucky it came out at the start of the year as it may have a clear run at Best Of 2020 at this rate.

Let's Go # 146 then had us sweeping out the remnants of Winter 2020, such as the pleasantly unexpected In/Spectre, while also bearing witness to the end of an era as Kitaro departs after two years on the air and leaves a yokai-sized hole in our weekly routine.

When next we meet it'll be a torrent of new arrivals that will swiftly reduce to a trickle as current events bite into animation production much as they have everything else on the planet. Til then hunker in your bunker and don't forget to listen up!

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