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Sunday, 30 August 2020

Let’s Go #166 – Let’s Go To Prison!

Yo fish, what are you in for? Us? Well we're looking at a two hour stretch in the joint for any number of anime related crimes: attempted assassination in The Millionaire Detective, impersonating a known felon in Appare-Ranman, establishing a sham religious organisation for tax evasion purposes in BNA, or posing too many actual quandaries about the nature of existence in Super Shiro. You're going away for a long time pal!

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Monday, 17 August 2020

Let’s Go #165 – Let’s Remember Our Childhood

A wave of nostalgia washes over us as we recall the good old days when you were flung from a cliff as a baby to prove your worth as a warrior. They were hard but fair, and we shall do likewise to our slate of titles, including our most traumatic backstory yet in Fruits Basket, the new DLC for Deca-Dence and two young men punching their feelings into each other in God Of High School (such is the Spartan way!). FYI, if you like white fluffy dogs named Shiro then boy is this recording jam-packed with them!

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Sunday, 16 August 2020

Show #193: Drawn Or Alive! - The Odd Couple VS The Oddball Couple

A format we trialed last year goes into full rotation as we get set serious about comparing cartoons to their live-action counterparts and declaring which is worthy of the highest merit! We're seeing double this time as we have four mismatched housemates quarrelling amongst themselves, whether it be Jack Klugman and Tony Randall playing the slob and the square respectively in the 1970 TV series or Frank Nelson and Paul Winchell as your classic cat and dog pairing in the 1975 animated version. So pay your rent, clean out the attic and brush up on your Password skills 'cuz only one title can stay under this roof, DRAWN OR ALIVE!

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Let’s Go #164 – Let’s Pivot To Video

Yeah, let's! What's the worst that could happen? All those independent journalism websites did it and most of them are... now closed down forever?! The sorry state of the internet due to the advertising industry's death grip is not lost upon us in this audio-only instalment of Let's Go, but we won't be resorting to such drastic measures as live-streaming a hostage situation to redress our woes. Nor shall we rig a baseball game, engineer a sham marriage or invade a neighbouring village, or will we~~? Still available on analogue formats in selected counties!

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Show #192: The Critic

Libby Cudmore of The OST Party continues her streak on SOTSM with something very near & dear to her, that being Al Jean & Mike Reiss's effort at producing primetime animation outside of their work on The Simpsons, which The Critic got lumped in with anyway! Besides mocking the vacuousoness of the entertainment industry then & now it's also a paean to a slightly more innocent (and probably partially imagined) era of cultural criticism, which inspires quite the thoughtful discussion of the same alongside a childhood spent in 1990s New York City and studying up on film references at the video rental shop. Please try some of these complimentary edible Porgs left over from the press junket for Star Wars 8, or whatever else you're craving for your Post-Podcast Repaste!

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Sunday, 2 August 2020

Let’s Go! 163 – Let’s Tune Our Engines

What's that moving up from the rear of the pack? Why it's Appare-Ranman! Back from an extended pit stop over the Summer and getting right up to speed with our other wacky racers. God Of High School jostles for supremacy in the middle of the ranks, Deca-Dence and their superior steering maintain a formidable lead and One Piece pulls out some surprising tricks in the final lap. It's all the high speed thrills you're guaranteed at the LGGP!

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