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Saturday, 30 October 2021

Drawn Or Alive #6: The Addams Family VS The Addams Family VS The Addams Family VS The Addams Family

It's a monster sized edition of Drawn Or Alive as four seperate branches of The Addams Family jostle for rightful inheritance to their creator's legacy! The first live-action adaptation from 1964, and the first screen version to boot, dances a deadly tango with Hanna Barbera's 1973 effort, the dearly beloved movie from 1991 and the second go from ol' HB inspired by that same movie in 1992. It's a family feud like no other; they may all be Addams, but only one gets the seat at the head of the table!

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Sunday, 24 October 2021

Show #205: The Venture Brothers Series 4 and 5

Our boys have grown up so much! And that's just us going off on a longer-than-expected tear about the Venture Brothers when we thought we had the measure of them. Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer saw that coming though, proceeding to sweep aside sizeable swathes of their world of aimless adventurers and vacuous villains to allow something new to grow. It was a tough row to hoe for both the creators and the fans incensed at the change, but did all their hard work pay off? Teenage rebellion, the sins of the fathers and a catchy hit single underscore an immense inventory of a turbulent time, still keeping a little space for a Post-Podcast Repaste of course.

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Sunday, 10 October 2021

Show #204: Osmosis Jones

Seasonal ailment Joseph Wade spreads the word about one Osmosis Jones, a Piet Kroon and Tom Sito cartoon film that got hit with a bad case of the Farrelly Brothers for the live-action segments of its cops & robbers caper inside Bill Murray's decaying body. It's gross, it's educational and for some it was the apex of their celebrity at the start of the millenium (with a soundtrack to match!). TV spin-offs and other animated fantastic voyages await our diagnosis, and if you can stomach it there's a Post-Podcast Repaste to help you get your strength back.

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